Looking for the Less Conventional

This blog will be about not readily accepting the conventional in everyday life.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say unconventional or non-conformist choices.  I am merely saying “less conventional”.  Think of it as the examined life.  Call it finding yourself, or simply finding your style.

This may include a choice of transportation – walking, biking, motorcycling, an old car as daily driver. It may include thoughts on making a living in as harmonious and harmless manner as possible.  It may include reading material beyond the best seller shelf.  It may speak to housing – from tree houses to tiny houses to boats to lofts to an Airsteam trailer.

There will be posts about daily experiences, stuff, people, behavior, random thoughts and more!!  We will see where it goes, and while there will be conventional thoughts and opinions at times – I hope to explore the what, where and why of choosing to be conventional – OR less conventional.


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